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Farid Kamil bin Zahari, born 5 May 1981, is a Malaysian actor, director and screenplay writer. He is a well-known male model turned actor who has made a big reputation of himself for several of his outstanding performances in drama series and movies alike.


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Farid Kamil is Back with Remp-It 2

It has been 13 years since the incident that happened to Madi and Spark. Madi is now working as an instructor at a scrambler training centre which is owned by Roy and runs a workshop with Macha. Remp-It 2 is a Malaysian action film directed by Farid Kamil. It is a continuation of the film Remp-It (2006) directed by Ahmad Idham.

Farid Kamil Official Website | Homepage | Remp-It 2 Poster

Remp-It 2 Official Trailer

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